L.C.S. Lawn Service 2013 Year in Review

L.C.S. Lawn Service, Inc. continues to grow in many aspects and we are excited for the future, you have made this all possible. Please read our year in review and get to know us as a company and individuals a little more.

We are now working with a marketing company to help with our web presence and making sure to keep up on the current internet trends. We have started to make strides with our web presence and will continue in the New Year. You can now visit us on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn; we will be working to continue to expand our web presence in 2014 including Instagram, Pinterest and Blog sites.

Now LCS offers a blog online, under our solution center to address your lawn issues and questions, we would love your feedback on there.

We are all working together to help standardize all aspects of our business Minnesota and Wisconsin alike. Focus on teamwork is set to continue in 2014.
LCS in Milwaukee is now offering spring and fall cleanups.

Both Branches made additions in order to expand our HR department; we added Rachel in our Minnesota office in April and Ashley in our Milwaukee office in June. They both have been working hard this year to standardize and formulate L.C.S. Lawn HR policies and procedures for the New Year.

In December, Nicole launched customer websites to better help serve our customers online including the options to pay bills and manage customer accounts through this site. This will be available in March 2014 for customers at all locations. She continues to work on our website and internet development.
This fall we added 3 plow trucks at our Milwaukee branch and have expanded our plowing area. Matt is now in charge of our 4 plowing trucks and routes under Joe’s supervision. Matt also runs a plow route this year he has plowed previously for 10 years.

Our mowing and plowing departments have expanded; we added Luis in May who has over 10 years of mowing experience and 20 years of plowing experience and has been a great asset and addition to our mowing and plowing divisions.

Milwaukee/Butler branch moved locations in April. We are now just 3 blocks down the road, but in a much bigger facility that has helped with our needs and growth. Stop by and see us sometime in the new location. We look forward to more good changes in the future!

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