Apple Scab

What is it?

Apple Scab is fungal disease that infects the foliage of crab apple trees. Leaves generally drop early from the tree without killing the tree.

How do we treat it?

We use a proprietary blend of fungicides to treat the disease. We typically perform this in early spring to protect foliage for the growing season. 3 applications are recommended April 1st through May 31st.

What to look for

  • Irregular leaf drop
  • Olive colored spots
  • Yellow dropping leaves


  • Spore driven infection
  • Wet periods accelerate spread of the disease
  • Fungus lives on old leaves so rake under your tree each fall

Treatment and Prevention

  • Fungicide Sprays in spring
  • Rake up dead leaves
  • Plant resistant varieties
  • Pruning for air circulation


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Apple scab on crab apple

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