Bronze Birch Borer

What are they?

A beetle that attacks birch trees in North America. Generally it attacks white birch that are in stressful conditions. The pest will kill untreated trees overtime.

What are the signs?

· D-shaped exit holes in the bark

· Dieback from the top down

· Ridges on the bark of larger branches

Life Cycle

· Larvae develop through the winter

· Adults emerge in late spring feeding on leaves shortly after emergence

· Larvae feed and disrupt living xylem tissue cutting off water supply.

Treatment and Prevention

· Water trees during periods of drought

· Plant trees in clumps to shade the root system

· Mulch tree with 2 1/2 inches of mulch

· Require a systemic trunk injection for effective control. We use the Arborjet Tree IV to treat these particular insects.

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Bronze birch borer

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