Emerald Ash Borer          

What are they?

Invasive borer species from Asia that kills Ash trees in the Midwest. The borer bores into the trunks of Ash trees laying larvae that eat away at the vascular system in the tree. Trees will die within 3 years of attack.

Emerald Ash Borer
Die back in Ash Tree from Emerald Ash Borer

What are the signs?

· Early fall color

· Woodpecker feeding

· Hollow galleries under bark

· D-shaped exit holes

· Branches sprouting from trunk

Life Cycle

· Eggs are laid in the trunk from adults

· Larvae chew the bark and feed on the inside of the tree

· Beetles emerge in May– August

Treatment and Prevention

· Biannual injection of a truck injected

Insecticide using Tree-age. We use the

Arborjet Tree I.V. System to accomplish this. It has a 99% effectiveness rate.


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