Insect Control

Our targeted insect control treatments have been exceeding expectations for over 25 years!

Using our remarkable L.C.S. approach we will:

  • Preventatively reduce the number of turf damaging insects attacking your lawn.
  • Allow beneficial insects to thrive like bees or butterflies.

*Depending on your properties particular need or area concerns, one of our specialist may recommend an optional treatment for targeted insects like grubs, ants or ticks.

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Our free estimate includes all of the following services:

  1. Early Spring Treatment
    Contains heavy rates of our custom granular 12-16 week stabilized nitrogen fertilizer, pre and post emergent crabgrass control, and broadleaf weed control.
  2. Late Spring Treatment
    Contains more pre and post emergent crabgrass control, if necessary, broadleaf weed control and our custom micro-nutrient boost.
  3. Summer Treatment
    Contains granular organic and stabilized fertilizers, and broadleaf weed control, as needed.
  4. Insect Treatment

    Contains liquid and or granular insecticides. *Optional treatment may be necessary to eliminate certain insects.

  5. Late Summer Treatment
    Contains our custom non-burning granular organic and stabilized fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, and post emergent crabgrass control as needed.
  6. Fall Treatment
    Contains heavy rates of granular organic and or stabilized fertilizer, increased amounts of potassium, and broadleaf weed control if needed.
  7. Core Aeration Treatment
    a mechanical process which pulls cores from your soil, allowing greater water and air penetration to the root zone. Aerating breaks down soil compaction and thatch, promotes stronger root development, and thickens the lawn. *Optional over seeding may be recommended for overall lawn quality.
*Optional over seeding may be recommended for overall lawn quality.
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