TREE HEALTH – Tree Fertilization

What is it?

Fertilization technique that occurs via a soil probe that is inserted into the ground. This delivers liquid nutrients to the fine absorbing roots in the soil.


  • The soil we plant our trees in are usually not ideal
  • Low nitrogen Organic fertilizer helps to soften the soil and make nutrients available
  • Our fertilizer is USDA Organic and is completely safe for children and pets


  • We fertilize year round because we use low nitrogen fertilizers
  • Spring and Fall, we do add extra stimulants to our mix to prepare the tree for spring and fall
  • Typically Mycorrhizae is our most common additive which helps with water and nutrient absorption.

Deep Root Tree Fertilization

Fall is the best time to add organic micro-organisms back to the soil, stimulate healthy root growth, and improve the disease resistancy of the trees and shrubs on your property. Contact your local LCS office to schedule your Deep Root Tree fertilization today!

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Technician fertilizing a Honey Locust
Technician fertilizing a Honey Locust
Calculating fertilizer requirements
Calculating fertilizer requirements
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