Professional Soil Testing for
Phosphorus Deficiencies and pH Imbalances

If you have not tested your soil in the past 5 years, a soil analysis is recommended to provide you with important information about nutritional elements, deficiencies, and more!

Phosphorus Testing

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient that all plants need to grow and survive. Phosphorus was eliminated from fertilizers throughout the Midwest in 2004. As a result, much of our regions soil is suffering from a phosphorus deficiency. The first sign of phosphorus deficiency is reduced vigor, slowed growth, as well as increased disease, and fungal activity.

Benefits of Phosphorus Testing:Professional Soil Testing

✅ Analyze soil nutrient levels

✅ Identify factors limiting turf growth

✅ Create a plan to obtain healthy phosphorus levels


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pH Testing soil testing

Aside from nutrient levels in soil, one more factor that effects the growth and strength of turf, is the soil pH level. pH levels are an important aspect of nutrient mobility from soil to turf roots. Test today to determine if your lawn has a pH imbalance

Benefits of pH Testing:soil ph affects plant nutrients

✅ Determines plant nutrient availability

✅ Benchmark to develop a plan for correcting  acidity levels

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