Cedar-Hawthorn Rust

What are they?

Fungal disease that attacks the leaves and fruit of Hawthorne trees. The spores host on Juniper plants, to effectively prevent and treat this both the host and tree have to be treated.

What are the signs?

  • Yellow spots on hawthorn leaves
  • Large galls on Junipers
  • Orange fiber like substance seeping from galls

Life Cycle

  • Spores are spread by wind
  • Fungal galls form in spring
  • Spores host on junipers throughout the winter
  • New leaves are susceptible to infection

Treatment and Prevention

  • Can be treated with topical fungicides
  • Reduce moisture around the tree
  • Do not plant hawthorns near junipers
  • Remove galls from junipers in winter
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Rust on HawthorneCedar Hawthorne Rust

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