Consider going paperless for the safest and most convenient way to receive your invoices.


  • It’s convenient: You’ll receive an email shortly after your technician has completed treatment(s) on your property.
  • It’s secure: You’ll have access to your secure billing and account information by logging into Manage Account.
  • It’s safe: No contact needed on your property. Your technician will send detailed notes and suggestions electronically.
  • It’s easy: No more hassling with paper bills! You’ll receive all your treatment information, technician recommendations, and billing statements all by email.
  • It’s better for our environment: Help us reduce paper usage and protect our forests.


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    Servicing the counties of Ozaukee, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha and Washington.
    MILWAUKEE: 262-783-6887
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    Servicing the counties of Ramsey, Washington, St. Croix, Hennepin, Hudson, etc. EAST: 651-731-5296 View St. Paul Map
    Milwaukee:262-783-6887 Saint Paul:651-731-5296